For oversea customers

     For those who want to purchase "SenminSisou" products

     Thank you for your interest in our products.
     We, SenminSisou, develop and make products in Japan.

     We are a manufacturer, not a seller, so exporting products is not our business.
     We have completely entrusted overseas export to our special agent SilverFoxAirsoft(SFA).
     Corporate customers can find information about shipment and payment on the "SFA Oversea" blog.
     SFA is looking for business partner now.

     Individual customers can buy our products from the stores below.
     [Overseas stores dealing with "SenminSisou" products]

     -IMPULSE(JP)      -eHobbyAsia(HK)

     We cannot respond to direct inquiries about our products.
     Please make contact through our agent SFA.

     Thank you for your attention.